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When it comes to inculcating knowledge or skill, one always needs a guide. Someone who has mastered the art and can share it with others. They come by many names – teacher, guru, guide, coach, etc. But at the end of it all, they are the force that drives people to success.  

At Vayu Shakti we seek coaches who can help individuals and organizations identify their strengths and leverage them to the best of their ability. We expect them to encourage individuals to identify areas of concern and address them. 

Our coaches are dedicated to helping people live a fuller, meaningful life that empowers them. 

As a Vayu Shakti coach, you can work at your convenience either online or locally. Needless to mention, the opportunities to earn well are many. Your earnings are based on the hours you spend with the participants.

The promise of quality

Dedicated to quality service, we plan comprehensive training programs for our coaches. The development process includes an understanding of the potential market, creating solutions based on segments and illnesses, trials, feedback, and ease of adaptation of the solution.

From software to scheduling, protocols to promotional assets, we have everything looked after. So, all our coaches need to do is deliver great service. To put it simply, we expect our coaches to:

  • Get oriented and certified as a VaYU Shakti Coach
  • Render services as per the VaYU Shakti guidelines
  • Maintain parity and quality in service 
  • Take customer feedback on a regular basis
  • Communicate the customer feedback to VaYU Shakti for continuous improvement
  • Ensure a good rating from the customers
  • Ensure all compliances, including HIPAA, related to your activities are met
  • Be open to training to keep up with changes and for new solutions

Share the knowledge 

We provide exemplary service and are always ready to forge partnerships with individuals who share our vision. Our doors are open to yoga trainers, nutritionists, service providers, medical practitioners, and physicians. 

If you are keen to share our programs seamlessly blended with your experiences, do fill in your details below:

    Be a Coach



    People are getting digitally fatigued and it’s affecting their mental health too. The wellness market is ripe for natural service with a human touch, supported by modern technology. We address that need through yoga, nutrition, and coaching. Our customers are organizations like corporates, associations, hospitals, educational establishments, elder care centers, government establishments, and others. 

    We are looking for wellness-inclined individuals and businesses who can help us serve these communities. In turn, you get compensated well on par with results.  

    A healthy business, for a lifetime!

    We provide structured programs which include market development, custom-made solutions based on market segments, subscription models, centralized processes, and support. We offer comprehensive training and support to create a highly successful space for yoga. In return, we offer you the opportunity to run a business with a high-profit ratio. Your success is our success!

    For this, we have the following requirements:

    • Ability to reach local establishments
    • Work with VaYU Shakti Business Development team to get subscriptions
    • Monitoring the quality of the customer service
    • Ensuring good ratings
    • Ensuring customer payments and renewals happen on-time
    • Ensuring all compliances, including HIPAA

    This does not involve any major investment other than time. The effort is a one-time thing, but the returns are regular. You get your share on the subscriptions automatically.

    If you believe our offer suits your entrepreneurial instincts, please do fill in your details below:

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